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TMJ Treatment

BOTOX® Theraputic for TMD

Some of the characteristic symptoms of TMD are jaw soreness and discomfort from clenching, grinding, and lockjaw. When BOTOX® Theraputic is injected into the face muscles, the muscles begin to loosen as the botulinum toxin begins to work. BOTOX® Theraputic is made from a sterile form of botulinum toxin type A. It works by temporarily paralyzing the muscles beneath the injection point. It lasts for three to four months before the muscle is back to normal function.

This affects sufferers of TMD by relieving jaw pain and headaches associated with the disorder. BOTOX® Theraputic is a versatile and non-surgical solution for issues associated with dentistry.

BOTOX® Theraputic is a safe and effective treatment for TMD, but other treatments may be attempted before Dr. Nab decides BOTOX® Theraputic may be your best option. It may also be used in conjunction with other more traditional treatments.

If you are in the Houston, Sugar Land, Galveston, Baytown, Humble or Katy, Texas area, and would like to learn more about how BOTOX® Theraputic can help your TMJ disorder symptoms or reduce your gummy smile, please contact experienced Neuromuscular Dentist Dr. Nab at Midtown Dental, the Gallery of Smiles for an initial consultation.

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