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Tooth Whitening / Teeth Whitening

Houston teeth whitening is one of our most popular treatments at Midtown Dental. Dental whitening is a safe and effective way to get beautiful pearly whites with powerful whitening technology. Patients who come to us with teeth that have lost their luster through years of environmental and lifestyle factors are so excited to be able to whiten and brighten 2, 3. even 10 shades! Even patients who have been good to their teeth and avoided coffee, smoking and tea find that their teeth lose brilliance with age. Why not whiten easily and affordably with our at-home or in-office tooth whitening options.

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Our at-home whitening option consists of specially-designed trays that utilize a high-impact prescription bleaching gel. Your progress is closely monitored by Houston Cosmetic Dentist, Dr. Nab and you are given special instructions on application and length of treatment. Depending on your desired whiteness, your at-home treatment can continue for a few days or several weeks.

ZOOM! Tooth Whitening

Everyone wants a bright, sparkling smile. Unfortunately, as we age our teeth can lose their natural brightness. Bright, white teeth can make you look younger and more attractive and will give you the confidence to smile more often. Experienced cosmetic dentists such as Dr. Nab can offer the professional tooth whitening results you are looking for.

Our teeth show signs of aging just like our skin does. Gradually, over the years, teeth lose their natural brightness and whiteness. Although you can’t control time, there are several controllable factors that lead to discoloration of your teeth, such as:

  • Too much red wine or coffee
  • Cigarette smoking
  • Old, worn fillings that need to be replaced
  • Gum or tooth disease
  • Certain types of medication

Bright, white and sparkling teeth can make you look younger, healthier and more attractive. Luckily, these days there are many advanced and effective methods for whitening your teeth and achieving the smile you deserve.

Dr. Nab is pleased to offer Zoom! tooth whitening to give you the dazzling smile of your dreams. Zoom! is one of the fastest teeth whitening systems and can fit easily into the most hectic of schedules. Simply put, Zoom! is a light activated system that allows you to enjoy a whiter smile within as little as an hour. Dr. Nab will apply a whitening gel to your teeth and then use a full mouth exposure lamp to create maximum whiteness.

The Zoom! whitening process is one of the simplest and most effective ways to achieve a dramatically improved and healthier smile. ZOOM! can be offered on both an in-office, professional whitening services, and by way of take-home whitening kits to help you achieve the white teeth you desire in the time frame you desire.

Zoom! whitening gel is safe for your gums and teeth. You can leave Dr. Nab's office and proceed to your next engagement with a whole new look after only one pleasant and friendly visit with Dr. Nab. This whitening procedure is designed with your comfort and convenience in mind. Zoom! can keep your teeth white for as long as five years.

Let us introduce you to Zoom! technology. It could be the answer to your smile concerns.

Tooth whitening is a simple and effective way to significantly enhance your smile and boost your self-esteem. To learn more about tooth whitening, please contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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