A Chipped Dental Crown Needs to Be Treated by an Experienced Dentist

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Dental crown restorations are commonly used to treat a tooth that suffers from a large cavity, dental fracture, or a significant area of dental attrition. This effectively replaces the tooth’s enamel layer with an alternate dental material like gold, base metals, or dental grade porcelain.

While these materials can rival the strength of natural tooth enamel, it is still possible for a dental trauma to chip or fracture a dental crown. This is even more likely to occur if you grind your teeth on a regular basis, or you have a bad habit of improvising your teeth as tools.

If your dental crown is damaged in any way, you need to seek timely treatment from an experienced dentist like Dr. R. Nab. Without professional attention, the damaged dental crown could cause even more significant problems for the sensitive abutment within.

You should never attempt to brush or clean a damaged dental crown. If the incident has left blood or other material in your mouth you can gently rinse it away using lukewarm saltwater. Any other cleaning should be left to Dr. R. Nab and his professional tools and techniques.

If the abutment was also traumatized, the tooth might require advanced treatment measures.  In a case like this, Dr. R. Nab might need to perform a root canal to restore the structure. Once this is done he can start the process of fitting you for a new dental crown.

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