Preventative Treatments Can Also Be Administered During a Routine Dental Checkup

Maintaining healthy teeth and gums can significantly contribute to your overall quality of life. To aid in this effort, the American Dental Association recommends brushing your teeth twice each day and flossing at least once, as well as attending a routine dental checkup with a dentist twice each year. Each dental checkup at Dr. ’s… Read more »

Without Early Remediation, Gum Disease Can Gradually Start to Worsen

An inconsistent daily oral hygiene regimen can leave stray food material, sugar residue, and plaque buildup in your mouth. As time goes by these bacterial deposits can continue to accumulate near the gumline as they start to harden into tartar. As this occurs your gums are likely to suffer from the periodontal inflammation of gingivitis…. Read more »

Does Your Child Have Weak Enamel? Try These Tips

Having weak enamel can be dangerous for the smile. This is because the enamel is a tough shell that protects the teeth. If it’s compromised, there is a chance the smile could experience dental issues. If your child has weak enamel, it’s important to do what you can to fix it. Our dentist, Dr. ,… Read more »

The Oral Hygiene Tools That Can Keep Your Smile in Top-Notch Condition

It’s important to take good care of your smile on a regular basis. In fact, it’s vital to clean your teeth and gums twice a day—every morning and night. You can clean your smile with an oral hygiene routine. However, your routine won’t be effective if you don’t have the proper cleaning tools. So, make… Read more »

The Facts of Oral Hygiene: Sedation Dentistry

At times, getting your teeth cleaned may seem a bit scary to some people, as it can be disconcerting to let someone work on your mouth. However, cutting-edge technology has made dentistry extremely precise and safe. Moreover, sedation is commonly used in many dental treatments, which can help relieve dental anxiety and any stress you… Read more »

Denture Adhesive Can Help Reduce Problems with Early Onset Oral Atrophy

A complete denture is often a very effective method for replacing the full function of a mouth that has been compromised by severe cavities, tooth loss, and gum disease complications. This sophisticated removable dental appliance mimics the appearance and function of your original teeth.   As the years go by it’s possible for the bone… Read more »

How Will Wearing Invisalign® Affect My Smile?

At , Dr. and our team are pleased to provide our patients with their smiles in , . We are especially excited to offer the Invisalign® system for our patients seeking straighter smiles. So, what is the Invisalign system? It is a discreet way to align your smile by using clear aligner trays. These clear… Read more »

Why Are White Teeth So Desirable?

Within social settings, we value a brighter smile over most other physical features of our peers. Thus the reason why it is so beneficial to keep your smile in great health. A great smile is often the first impression you can give someone when meeting them, so make it a good one. Improve your smile… Read more »

Retail Whitening Products Can Help Maintain a Professionally Whitened Smile

Many people with stains on their teeth will turn to the whitening products sold in stores. While their marketing claims may seem to promise the full restoration of your once gleaming tooth enamel, most fall short. If you have a moderate to severely stained smile, the wisest course of action is to seek out a… Read more »

Repair Broken Teeth with Suitable Restorations

Repair broken teeth with suitable restorations. With tooth restoration therapy, you can have the look and desire your teeth require. Whether you are in need of repairs for broken teeth or simply wish for a set of whiter teeth, there is a tooth restoration procedure to help you. For individuals seeking restorations for broken, cracked,… Read more »