Cosmetic Dentistry Offers Several Options for Improving the Appearance of Your Smile

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The appearance of your smile sends some rather salient signals in your social interactions. Teeth suffering from noticeable stains, unsightly chips or other visible imperfections can hamper your social life and even affect your success in business. Fortunately, Dr. R. Nab offers several different cosmetic dental enhancements.

The specific nature of the cosmetic imperfection will largely influence the options he feels is best to improve the appearance of your smile.

If you are merely dealing with dental staining, he can perform a dental bleaching treatment. The he can help you identify the initial cause of the stains and give you tips for making alternative choices. You might also want to try maintaining your while smile by using whitening toothpaste or whitening strips.

Should your smile suffer from multiple, minor cosmetic imperfections, he might recommend dental veneers. These dental-grade porcelain shells are meticulously crafted at our off-site dental lab to fit over the faces of the teeth in your smile. Once they are installed, they will look exactly like natural tooth enamel, only whiter.

The special porcelain material the veneers are made from will not be as receptive to stains as natural tooth enamel. This will help make it easier for you to maintain your white smile for many years to come.

If one of your teeth has an existing filling or a new cavity, Dr. R. Nab might recommend restoring the tooth enamel with a porcelain dental crown. This is essentially a replica of the tooth enamel layer created from a ceramic porcelain material. It can be shaded to match the surrounding natural teeth in your smile.

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