Dental Sedation: The Facts About Laughing Gas

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Before you get nervous about your next dental appointment, let’s talk about nitrous oxide. Nitrous oxide is a dental sedative that helps patients feel more comfortable and relaxed in the dental chair. If you are coming into our office for a more serious dental treatment, please feel free to talk to our team about your sedation options!

What is nitrous oxide?
Nitrous oxide is a dental sedative that is also known as laughing gas. It is mixed with oxygen and it is inhaled through your nose. The sedative is light, safe, and effective, and it doesn’t irritate the body or have a particular smell. Laughing gas is not meant to make you fall asleep so you will remain awake and responsive and calm throughout the treatment.

How will I be sedated with nitrous oxide?
First, our dental team will help you feel as comfortable as possible in your dental chair. Then, he will cover your nose with a small mask. The mask will release the sedative into the air and you will inhale it with each breath you take. The effects will take place in just a few minutes, and it will also wear off quickly once your dentist takes the mask away.

How will it make me feel?
Laughing gas will make you feel light headed and tingly, but most of all, it will make you feel relaxed and calm. You will not have a care in the world as your dentist performs the dental treatment on your smile, and you will feel comfortable in the hands of our dental team.

For more information about dental sedation and nitrous oxide, call our office today at 713-481-5693! We are happy to explain how nitrous oxide can help your appointment end with anxiety-free success. We look forward to speaking with you!