Denture Adhesive Can Help Reduce Problems with Early Onset Oral Atrophy

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A complete denture is often a very effective method for replacing the full function of a mouth that has been compromised by severe cavities, tooth loss, and gum disease complications. This sophisticated removable dental appliance mimics the appearance and function of your original teeth.


As the years go by it’s possible for the bone structure in your mouth to gradually change. This condition which is known as oral atrophy can cause your dentures to feel loose in your mouth. In a situation like this you might want to try applying a little denture adhesive when you put your dentures in your mouth.


It can help hold your dentures firmly to your gum structure while also helping to prevent stray food particles from infiltrating the base of your dentures.


If you do have a little bit off food material infiltrate the base of your dentures you should give it a thorough rinse. This will remove the food particles and any residual denture adhesive. Then you can use a paper towel to dry the partial to give you a smooth clean surface to reapply fresh denture adhesive.


When shopping for denture adhesive make sure to look for a brand that has earned the American Dental Association’s Seal of Acceptance. This indicates that the ADA has researched and tested the product for safe oral use.


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