Did You Know that Age Can Affect Your Teeth?

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You might know that there are a number of things you could need to do if you’d like to stay healthy as you get older. However, had you heard that there are a few additional steps you could take to keep your teeth healthy as you age? In reality, even if you’ve cared for your teeth well your entire life, there are some issues you should watch for.

As you age, it’s especially important for you to watch for signs of gum disease. If you spot blood on your gums or on your brush after cleaning your pearly whites or if you have sensitive teeth, we recommend setting up an appointment with our team as soon as possible. If you have red or swollen gums, you could have gum disease.

Dry mouth is another problem you should be wary of. You see, your saliva is very important to your oral health because it can help you prevent bad breath, enamel erosion, and can wash food particles away from your teeth. As you may have guessed, having dry mouth will leave you more vulnerable to tooth decay. Sadly, you’ll also be more vulnerable to dry mouth when you get older because certain medications can cause dry mouth. Since you’ll be more likely to take more medications as you age, you may be more likely to get gum disease.

Finally, would you be surprised to learn that you can keep your natural teeth as you age? Sadly, issues such as gum disease and tooth decay will leave you more likely to lose teeth. You can generally prevent this problem by brushing and flossing regularly. Having enough calcium and vitamin D in your diet can also help you keep your teeth strong.

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