Holiday Meal Guide for Braces

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It may be difficult to decide which holiday foods you can eat with braces–especially if this is your first holiday season with them! Here are some foods you may find on your holiday table, and whether or not they are safe to eat with braces.

Turkey and Other Proteins: Protein-packed dishes are excellent sources of phosphorous. Phosphorous helps the body absorb calcium, which strengthens your teeth. Conveniently, most protein foods are perfectly fine to eat with braces–just make sure they are not tough and stringy, as that could break brackets, wires, or get stuck in teeth. Cut the meat off of the bone for optimal braces safety. Another note–be careful of nuts. They get caught in braces and can break them or cause pain in your teeth.

Veggie Platter: Unfortunately for ranch lovers, you’ll need to pass on the veggie tray this time around. Raw and crunchy vegetables are rough on braces, and often break brackets or wires. But don’t ignore your vegetables completely! Just go for the softer steamed, roasted, or baked options. So don’t fret! You can still have those roasted carrots, and your mother’s classic green bean casserole.

Cheeses: Cheeses are a tasty way to get in your calcium for the day, and they don’t hurt braces. They are also low in sugar, which makes a slice of cheese a great tooth-healthy snack during your preparations.

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