Never Give Up on Treatments During Cold and Flu Season

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When planning the best methods to enhance your oral health care, it’s important to assess all risks that can arise while you are sick. Often times during cold and flu season, you can find yourself at an increased risk for oral health ailments or other forms of dental damage. This is because individuals tend to neglect their oral health as well as find themselves at an increased risk for several forms of oral health failure.

To prevent a decline in your oral health while you are sick, it is important to maintain effective oral hygiene routines including brushing and flossing. However, be aware that brushing your teeth after throwing up can be detrimental to your tooth enamel as your teeth are often extra sensitive at this time. To avoid the risk of dental abrasion, avoid using toothbrushes or toothpaste after being sick, and instead wash away debris and harmful stomach acids from your mouth through the use of enamel-building tools such as mouthwash.

Exercise caution with the products you are using to treat your colds and flu. Be aware that several forms of lozenges and cough drops can easily chip and crack your teeth if you bite into them incorrectly. Furthermore, always make sure to look for sugar-free versions, so you don’t increase your risk of dental erosion.

Lastly, it is important to stay hydrated. Always make sure you’re drinking plenty of fluids to not only battle the illness but also to prevent oral health conditions such as dry mouth from arising. Dry mouth is known to lead to a downturn in saliva which will, in turn, increase your risk of dental erosion, gum disease and several other oral health risks.

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