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Financial Policy & Payment Options

Thank you for choosing Dr. R. Nab as your dentist, who works hard to provide affordable and beneficial dental care in Houston, Texas. Below is some information you may need to know about the Midtown Dental financial policy and payment options.

You Are Responsible For Your Bill

Patients are responsible for the payment of the fees associated with each service they receive during treatment. Patients (or their parents/guardian) must pay for the dental procedures they receive at our practice. You may be given support from insurance, family, or friends for the payment of our charges, but you are still legally responsible to pay the complete bill.

Payment For Fees Is Due At The Time Of Service

Because delays in payment increase clerical and administrative costs, we have the policy of receiving payment for fees at the time of service. Patients who do not have insurance will be expected to pay their complete bill before we perform the treatment.

At our office, we accept several different forms of payment, including cash, checks, and all credit cards. We also take healthcare flexible spending accounts and plans from outside financing providers. We cannot finance your treatment through our office, so you cannot pay your bill over time through us. As another note, our no-show and cancellation fee is $40 an hour if we are not given a notice of 48
business hours.

Patients With Insurance

We will assist patients who have insurance so they can receive the maximum amount of benefits on their insurance policies. Our dentist accepts every PPO plan except for DentaQuest at our office, and we file insurance claims on your behalf. Our practice often receives some payment from insurance companies, but we would like to remind our patients that you are responsible for the payment of your bill, not your insurance provider.

We will estimate your portion of the bill and collect it at the time of service. Please remember that this is only an estimate, we cannot determine the exact amount insurance will pay or how many services you may require during treatment. Insurance companies also do not guarantee their estimates either unless it is in writing. Neither our team nor your insurance provider will be held responsible for incorrect pretreatment estimates. If the insurance portion of your payment is lower than expected, then you are responsible for the remaining balance. If it is higher, then you will be given the difference.

Treatment Decisions

We believe that your decisions about receiving dental treatment should be determined by the information given by our dentists. While the coverage provided by insurance should be considered, it should not be the deciding factor for your decision about treatment.


For patients who want to pay for service fees through a payment plan, we can arrange it through the CareCredit financing program. This company offers low and no-interest plans to help you pay for dental service fees. You can apply for CareCredit online through the link below, or by telephone or mail.

Please contact our dental team if you have questions about our payment options. We will be happy to answer your questions.


Patient Forms

To help you have a better and more efficient first visit at Midtown Dental, we have provided your new patient forms right here on this page. Dr. R. Nab invites you to print the forms, fill them out at home, and bring them into the office with you. By completing your forms prior to your appointment, your wait time will be decreased and you will see your dentist much sooner. If you have any questions about the forms or about our dental care in Houston, Texas, please feel free to call our office today.