Retail Whitening Products Can Help Maintain a Professionally Whitened Smile

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Many people with stains on their teeth will turn to the whitening products sold in stores. While their marketing claims may seem to promise the full restoration of your once gleaming tooth enamel, most fall short.

If you have a moderate to severely stained smile, the wisest course of action is to seek out a whitening consultation with Dr. R. Nab at Midtown Dental. This will determine the depth of the stains in your tooth enamel, and he can provide you with the most effective whitening option for your smile.

In many cases, this calls for having Dr. R. Nab administer a dental bleaching treatment. Once his potent dental bleach and professional techniques have whitened your teeth, our dentist can help you understand the measures needed to maintain your newly whitened smile.

This might involve cutting back on specific foods and drinking dark beverages through a straw. Tobacco users should also strongly consider a cessation program. This could also be a time to consider using a retail-grade whitening product as a maintenance measure to remove future surface stains.

Consider using whitening toothpaste that is approved by the American Dental Association. Just keep in mind that the hydrogen peroxide concentration of whitening toothpaste can only brighten minor stains. You might want to also try occasionally applying ADA-approved whitening strips to your teeth. The clear plastic material they use makes it hard for the casual observer to even notice they are in your mouth.

If you live in the Houston, Texas, area and you are struggling to deal with dental stains, you should call 713-481-5693 to schedule a whitening consultation with Dr. R. Nab.