The Foods That Braces Fear

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Your braces are doing an excellent job at straightening your teeth. So, it is essential to treat them right so they can go on working well and complete the job in the time allotted. Damaging them or causing them to loosen by eating unfriendly foods may unnecessarily lengthen the time you must wear them. It is important to understand, and be willing to follow the instructions of your orthodontist when he tells you that you cannot eat all the same foods in the same way that you are used to until after your braces come off.

Avoid These Unfriendly Foods That Damage Dental Work

Chewy foods require a lot of chewing and are generally sticky as well, pulling and sticking to your wires and bracket system. Things that are chewy are: Gum, licorice, gummy bears, etc.

Sticky foods are similar to the chewy foods in that they also collect around the dental work and are hard to remove. This can heighten the risk of tooth decay. Both chewy and sticky foods can also dislodge your braces by causing you to have to clean them vigorously. Sticky foods are: Taffy, tootsie rolls, caramels, gum, etc.

Crunchy foods are like battering rams against the brackets and wires of your braces. Plus, they can break down into hard gritty particles that lodge in the metalwork. Keep them away! Some crunchy food examples are: Popcorn, chips, tacos, pretzels, croutons, etc.

Hard foods are also hard on your braces. Similar to the crunchy food they should be avoided at all costs! Examples of hard food: Nuts, hard candy, hard cookies, ice chewing, etc.

Biting foods are the kinds of things that require you to tear into them with your cutting teeth, placing pressure upon the brackets and wires as you bite into them. Some sample biting foods are fruits and vegetables with hard skin like apples, corn on the cob, etc.

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