Without Early Remediation, Gum Disease Can Gradually Start to Worsen

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An inconsistent daily oral hygiene regimen can leave stray food material, sugar residue, and plaque buildup in your mouth. As time goes by these bacterial deposits can continue to accumulate near the gumline as they start to harden into tartar.

As this occurs your gums are likely to suffer from the periodontal inflammation of gingivitis. This can cause your gums to look inflamed and bleed easily during your daily oral hygiene regimen. Some people with gingivitis also note struggles with chronic bad breath.

If gingivitis goes untreated the periodontal infection can worsen into the periodontitis. The severe gum infection can cause your gum tissues to recede from your teeth. When this happens, pockets of infection can form near the roots of multiple teeth. In time, this can eventually lead to tooth loss.

Continuing research has also found a relationship between severe gum disease and other medical conditions, such as heart disease, diabetes, and increased risk of stroke.

Treating this level of gum disease can call for different treatments including oral surgery, gingival flap resection, prescription antibiotics, or periodontal root planing.

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